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We help brands manage and personalize their multichannel, multi-touch customer journeys using data-driven marketing and customer engagement solutions.

Who We Are

Dialog Direct is a marketing and customer engagement solution provider focused on helping brands connect and engage with their customers to generate leads, increase sales and provide superior customer engagement solutions that create remarkable experiences. We do this by creating personalized and relevant dialogue throughout the entire customer journey.

We apply our passion of creating remarkable long-standing engagements to four distinct areas along the customer journey – lead generation, lead nurturing, sales and customer support.

Our solutions complement each other for the total customer experience. Sourced individually or leveraged together, our focus is to deliver on your desired outcome.

Be the Best and Make Each Person’s Life Better. 

How We’re Different

Dialog Direct focuses on the in-between moments throughout the customer journey, the spaces between the buying cycles that can make or break customer loyalty. Our insight into the customer journey helps us identify opportunities that enhance the customer experience.

Dialog Direct uses consumer insight, lead scoring, predictive modeling and segmentation, business intelligence (BI), a data warehouse, and a proprietary intelligent call routing tool to increase sales and improve customer satisfaction for clients over and above that which they have been experiencing.

Your customers are very unique, each with diverse emotional triggers. The more your communications are aligned with the needs and behaviors of your customers, the more effective they become. We help drive deeper engagement with higher responses, and give our clients the advantage of knowing what will make a potential customer convert before an initial contact is even made.

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