Better support of your customer and dealer networks translate to a better customer experience.



Dialog Direct’s nearly 40 years of marketing service and sales experience is deeply rooted in the automotive industry and its associated aftermarket, working with almost all of the original equipment manufacturers. We work with various aspects of the ownership life cycle, from vehicle sales and marketing, to dealer operations, service and customer follow-up. Our understanding of manufacturer and dealership operations, and how consumers buy, differentiates Dialog Direct from other suppliers in our industry.

Our Automotive Solutions

Recall Management

  • Recall Strategy and Development
  • Recall Journey Mapping
  • Recall Database Analytics and
  • Recall Database Segmentation
  • Recall Campaign Design
  • Recall Multichannel, Multi-Touch
  • Recall Customer Support
  • NHTSA Compliance Management
  • NHTSA Recall Result Compilation

Warranty and Product Sales

  • Warranty Acquisition Strategy
    and Development
  • Data Analytics and Insights
  • Multichannel, Multi-Touch
    Campaign Management
  • Creative and Relevant Messaging
  • Video Messaging Development
  • Digital and Direct Mail Fulfillment
  • Sales Center–Customer Acquisition

Marketing Optimization and Dealer Support

  • Dealer B2B eStore and Order
    Management System
  • AccuConnect Web to Print
  • Catalog Allocation Management
  • Dealer Billing
  • Mail Management Consolidation
  • Total Consolidation (Push + Pull)
  • Contact Center Support
  • IT Administrative Support
  • Web Hosting
  • POD Fulfillment
  • Promotional Product Fulfillment
  • Literature Fulfillment
  • Bulk Distribution

Consumer Experience

  • Customer Support
  • Dealer Support
  • Adverse Event Support
  • Office of the President

Who We Work With

Original Equipment Manufacturers

Maintenance and Light Repair

You’ll enjoy benefits that include:

  • Increased service revenue
  • Increased market share
  • Reduced cost per acquisition
  • Enhanced dealer relationships
  • Enhanced customer experience, loyalty and brand integrity
  • Increased response rates



We provide a number of unique advantages:

  • One integrated, end-to-end automotive solution focused on the outcome
  • Detroit-based headquarters in close proximity to the heart of the industry
  • Automated allocation process for individual dealership characteristics,
    driving both cost efficiency and dealer satisfaction
  • Resources with deep OEM and dealership experience

See what we are all about!

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Case Study

Vehicle Service Contracts

Customer Objective

Improve direct marketing response rate and sales closing rates.

Dialog Direct Solution

Implement a trigger-based approach that captures when a prospect experiences a critical event, such as a product service or repair. Generate personalized communications addressing the individual needs of the prospect.


  • Increased response rate by 46%
  • Increased sales closing by 8%
  • Generated $1.5 million in incremental sales