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Lead GEneration

Identify and attract with cost-effective audience targeting.

Gain data-backed insights into consumer preferences and demographics, explore untapped opportunities and optimize messaging that resonates.

Our approach to lead generation is proven to increase response rates by 3x while optimizing lead acquisition costs to ensure your marketing campaign will stand the test of time.

Engaging with consumer behavior through data analytics is the key to a strong sales pipeline. We take an AI-powered approach to demand generation to map consumer behavior, inform marketing strategies and establish trust in your brand for higher engagement. We use precision-based lead scoring while reporting on results in real time. With more than 40 years of experience, our proven methodology delivers the right creative messaging to the right customer using the right channel at the right time, decreasing your cost per acquisition and increasing your response rates.

What We Offer

Insurance Leads

  • P&C Leads
  • Life Leads
  • Annuity Leads
  • Medicare Leads
  • Final Expense Leads
  • Mortgage Protection Leads

Warranty Leads

  • Home Warranty Leads
  • Ext. Manufacturer Leads
  • Auto Warranty Leads

Healthcare Leads

  • Medicare Advantage Leads
  • Medicare Supplement Leads

Education Leads

  • Higher Ed Leads

How You Benefit


Personalized campaigns

The right creative to the right customer using the right channel at the right time.


Increased conversions

Our precision-based lead scoring ensures you know who your leads are and the best strategy to increase your conversion percentage.


Lower cost per lead

Increase response rates by up to 65% by using our proven methodology.



Our end-to-end solutions make lead generation simple delivering leads in a matter of days.

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How we’ve helped

  • 30% click-through rate on 1.5 billion emails annually
  • Increased conversion rates by 64% via a multi-channel campaign for a healthcare client
  • Increased leads by 250% through more targeting delivery and personalized messaging/action-based messaging cadence.