Personalized member engagement and acquisition solutions that drive action while reducing overall costs.



Each of your members is unique with different health histories, communication preferences and emotional triggers that affect action. The member experience is essential. You need to be personal and relevant to achieve elevated STAR ratings, yet also reduce cost per acquisition. With many innovative campaigns to execute, including high-touch member onboarding, chronic disease screenings and RX adherence, for example, this can be a challenge. How can you develop personalized member engagement and acquisition plans for each member persona that drives action while also reducing the overall cost? Dialog Direct can help. Our Member Engagement and Acquisition solutions provide value along the entire member journey to achieve lower claims and increase STAR ratings.


Member Acquisition and Enrollment

  • Prospective Member Data Segmentation
  • Plan Comparison Calls
  • Information Packet Mailing
  • Appointment Setting
  • Seminar Marketing Reservation
  • Telephonic Enrollments
  • Income/Subsidy Determinations
  • Eligibility and Suitability Determination calls
  • Lead Generation/Nurturing
  • Campaign Management
  • Welcome Packet Mailing Sales and Acquisition

Strategic Touchpoints and Concierge Services

  • Confirmation of Enrollment Status
  • Welcome Call/Re-Set Expectations
  • Initial Health Risk Assessment
  • Pre-CAHPS Survey
  • Disease-Related Appointments
  • Access and Availability of Care Surveys
  • Annual Wellness Visit Follow-Up
  • ANOC Campaigns
  • Wellness Campaigns
  • Retention/Reminder Calls

Member and Provider Servicing

  • Eligibility Calls
  • Billing Inquiries/Payment Handling
  • General Member and Provider Services
  • Claims
  • Prior Authorization
  • EOB Mailing
  • ID Cards
  • Social Media Monitoring and Engagement
  • ANOC Mailings
  • Coverage Questions
  • Co-Insurance and Co-Pay Determination
  • Complaints/Grievances
  • Network Determination

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You’ll enjoy benefits that include:

  • Reduced claims
  • Lifted STAR ratings
  • Lowered member attrition
  • Increased first call resolution
  • Lowered cost per acquisition



Dialog Direct Delivers:

  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Scalable Solutions
  • Predictive Lead Scoring and Behavioral Routing