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On-Demand Fulfillment

Custom fulfillment solutions that deliver on time and on budget.

Over the last four decades, Dialog Direct has created unique product fulfillment and distribution solutions that enable our clients to increase operational efficiency and decrease operational cost with a proven and innovative partner.

Whether it’s Marketing Collateral, Ecommerce Product Fulfillment or Retail Product Distribution, our mission is simple. Take all the complexity out of the fulfillment process by creating end-to-end solutions that ensure we are maximizing efficiency at every touch point.

What We Do

Omni-Channel Product Fulfillment

eCommerce is more than order taking. Ensure customers the best online experience possible with customized integrated systems that help you manage multiple sales and distribution channels, decrease order processing time, and streamline record keeping. Our complete ecosystem includes technology, warehousing, picking, packing, transportation and return management.

Product Distribution

Streamline your B2B shipment process by simplifying complex routing guidelines and ensuring compliant, hassle-free shipments to retail stores and distribution centers

Product Sampling and Kitting

Quick and custom assembly is the goal, but efficiency is the key. Define kit and sampling specifics and we do the rest. We build, finish and deliver, as well as determine the most cost-effective process for each project, allowing you to add value and breadth to your product line without tying up a lot of inventory.

Social Commerce Fulfillment

We have deep expertise and experience in providing order and product fulfillment solutions for social commerce shops like TikTok, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. The key to our social commerce solution is the ability to deliver cost effective fulfillment solutions and hourly shipment turnaround to ensure you are meeting your customer expectations.

How You Benefit


2-Day Nationwide Delivery

Our fulfillment centers are strategically located to enable 2-day cost-effective delivery across the United States.


Optimized Shipping

By leveraging our virtual carrier network, our clients get superior shipping rates within a reliable carrier network.


360 Degree Visibility

Our insight-driven planning enables our clients to optimize replenishment, avoid product shortages and reduce processing times.


Operational Scale / Flex

Scale up or down swiftly based on customer demand with our flexible operations.

Real Time

Real Time Integration

Seamlessly integrate with almost every eCommerce platform and ERP system using our order management technology.


Active SKUS managed

Products shipped annually


Accuracy Rate

Orders ship within


Client Satisfaction Scores