Improve your fulfillment process with lowest-cost, accurate and timely delivery.


Over the last four decades, Dialog Direct has created unique fulfillment and logistics solutions that enable our clients to increase operational efficiency and decrease operational cost with a proven and innovative partner.

Our mission is simple. Take all the complexity out of fulfillment and logistics by creating end-to-end solutions that ensure we are maximizing efficiency at every touch point, every time to optimize your customer experience.

What can our fulfillment solutions provide?

Our fulfillment experience, methodology, equipment and technology save our customers’ dollars, automate and accelerate the process and deliver quality outcomes measured in real-time.


  • Build-to-order fulfillment
  • Sampling and kitting fulfillment
  • POS and literature fulfillment
  • Digital print and finishing
  • Loyalty card production and fulfillment
  • Order management
  • Inventory management
  • Logistics management

Print and Mail

  • Variable digital print
  • Offset printing
  • Print-on-demand
  • Creative design and development
  • Lettershop and finishing
  • ePublishing
  • Folding and inserting
  • Shrink-wrapping

Our commerce direct solution brings order to ordering and makes fulfillment more fulfilling. Dialog Direct’s end-to-end commerce management solution enables you to grow revenue, increase operational efficiency and decrease costs with a trusted outsource partner.

What does this mean for your business?

Complexity Simplified

  • Know your inventory
  • Make ordering easy
  • Process all orders same day
  • Ship all orders accurately
  • Ship smarter and faster
  • Provide real-time visibility
  • Process returns same day

Noteworthy awards:

  • First place Target award (automotive) featuring direct mail with 28% response rate
  • World Excellence award: Outstanding Global Marketing Services Partner
  • Best Practice award: PODi, Best Case Study for Digital School That Rocks! campaign; 26% increase in response

Case Study

Customer Objective

  • Provide consumers an informational resource and access to products difficult to find at retail locations through direct-to-consumer ecommerce site
  • Partner to manage all order processing, inventory control and fulfillment of nutritional products

Dialog Direct Solution

  • Created a condition-driven online ordering site
  • Included recurring orders and promotional incentives
  • Enabled product ratings and reviews, email notifications and “Share Your Story” functionality


  • Increased consumer awareness of conditions and treatment options
  • Annual product sales of $3 million
  • 35,000 orders processed annually