Trigger the right behavioral response that delivers your desired outcome with an end-to-end engagement provider.

End-to-End Integrated Marketing

Our Integrated Engagement Methodology reflects a series of competencies that overlap to successfully communicate with your customers.

Our process is deeply rooted in data and customer behavioral analytics, which drives the cycle of strategy, creative, channel management and execution. While the tools are very important, we find that the best results come from a coordinated team that spans different disciplines, working together to drive a specific outcome.

What can Integrated Engagement Marketing provide?

  • Agility to have all touch points under a common strategic vision for quick execution or changes to plans
  • Visibility into the connected performance
  • Data insights to continually improve the outcome
  • Experience to set up, configure, interface and maintain data and tools to drive the best results

Integrated Engagement Methodology

How does each piece work together?

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What does this mean for your business?


One Partner for All Customer Engagements!

No need to coordinate activities across multiple vendors, we thread together the technology with our engagement solution competencies to trigger the right response to the targeted customer base. We have deep expertise in each discrete area, but by connecting them for a seamless experience we can maximize the desired result. Instead of paying for multiple vendors with the imposing time requirement of coordinating all of the vendors, this approach enables a coordinated effort on the strategic outcome.


Experience Higher Lift with Targeted Engagements

The more relevant the message is, the better the outcome will be. Creating that relevant content on a one-to-one basis is a challenge. We use our strong data analytic capabilities to analyze historical data and then append third-party data to build content around the individual. Then, we create compelling, targeted communications that speak to what will most likely attract or convert.


Focus on the Outcome, Not the Tactics

We have more than 37 years of experience in each of our competencies, but it’s how we seamlessly integrate and utilize the segments of data to work together to drive a desired outcome that makes us different.

Aligned on the Business Outcomes



  • Increased Sales
  • Decreased Cost per Acquisition
  • Increased Revenue
  • Increased Market Share
  • Decreased Sales Cycle Time
  • Increased Conversion Rates
  • Increased Speed to Market
  • Improved Competitive Intelligence



  • Increased Retention
  • Improved First Call Resolution
  • Improved Experience
  • Improved Ratings and Online Reviews
  • Increased Word-of-Mouth Referrals
  • Reduced Cost per Call
  • New Customer Engagement Recommendations