Hit your revenue goals, grow your client base and lower your cost of sales.

Sales and Acquisition

Dialog Direct helps you achieve your sales objectives through dedicated sales professionals passionate about selling and empowered by the latest technology and advanced analytics. Our B2B and B2C telesales services help you hit your revenue goals, grow and retain your customer base, and increase your bottom line by lowering your cost of sales.

Our sales solutions include:

  • Inbound/outbound B2B and B2C telesales
  • Inside sales
  • Order taking and processing
  • Lead generation, nurturing and qualification
  • Cross-sell and up-sell programs
  • Insurance enrollment

What makes our sales solutions unique?


Conversion-Based Call Routing

Through customer/agent attribute matching, we can determine the best agent to handle the call, the best product to sell and the best script to use based on the prospect’s past behaviors.

This process allows us to increase the speed and efficiency of a company’s sales pipeline by analyzing the prospect database to determine which customers are of the greatest value, prioritizing the high-value and high-demand prospects, and then routing the calls to the best sales agent to close the sale.


Multichannel, Multi-touch Capabilities to Improve the Sales Process

Our approach to omni-channel sales and marketing starts with the call center at the heart of the engagement stream, allowing us to store the preferences of your prospects/customers and trigger secondary message streams based on the type and disposition of the communication.

Dynamic scripting can ask questions to help identify interests and talking points that facilitate future engagement opportunities, customized to each individual member, ultimately building member loyalty, creating more sales opportunities and word-of-mouth referrals consistently through all channels.



Being a trusted partner means focusing on the metrics that matter most to our clients – the desired outcome. To become outcome-oriented, our company has taken each competency and created a process that is aligned with the traditional sales and marketing funnel.

This allows our team to work in synergy and have visibility into the connected performance. We know which data to focus on and which tools to leverage, in order to drive the best results throughout the lifecycle while being agile to make any changes in the strategic plan along the way.

Case Study Brief


With increasing pressure on insurance and financial institutions to close more sales at a lower cost per acquisition, Dialog Direct implemented a more intelligent way to create a lift in revenue. The Dialog Direct analytics group built an intelligent routing system to route calls to the member service advocates based on historical performance with states and personality types.


By appending historical CRM data, core transactional data and third-party data, proprietary scores were developed. These scores were then used in the call routing strategy to pair a member with a call center agent that has the best ability to convey the benefits of the ideal product to the member.


The results to date show that the routing technique used in the pilot group had a 34% lift in revenue while holding the cost per sale constant.

Full Case Study