Discover leads that are most likely to convert by pairing predictive analytics with personalized engagements.

Lead Generation

Many of our services, from digital/direct mail and social media customer service to integrated engagement marketing, excel in generating new leads for your business. Predictive analytics paired with personalized engagements can create an effective lead generation strategy, as well as play a key role in each of our competencies. We would love to work with you to tailor a solution that will help your business achieve new, ready to convert leads for your business.

What solutions can Dialog Direct provide for better lead generation?


Data Analytics Management

Predictive analytics help brands not only generate more leads but generate the type of leads that are more likely to convert. By pairing historical data with third-party data, the patterns and behaviors of your ideal buyer emerge, allowing us to more accurately target, purchase and prioritize the right leads. This lead acquisition strategy decreases your cost per acquisition while increasing your conversion rate.

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Sales and Acquisition

Achieve your lead generation objectives through dedicated sales professionals passionate about selling and empowered by the latest technology and advanced analytics. Our B2B and B2C telesales services help you hit your revenue goals, grow and retain your customer base and increase your bottom line by lowering your cost of sales.

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Campaign Management

Our campaign management capabilities enable marketers to target their most valuable leads with personalized and strategic campaigns. This solution guides long-term customer loyalty campaigns that maximize retention through strategies optimized in real time.

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