Architect and deliver personalized digital and traditional communications that drive measurable results in real-time.

Campaign Management


Delivering a truly seamless experience requires a presence at every stage of the customer journey, from pre-purchase to purchase, fulfillment and post purchase. In essence, brands need the ability to respond to whatever the customer desires, wherever they may be and whenever (or however) they choose to communicate.

DialogCampaigns, a campaign management solution, enables marketers to target their most valuable customers with personalized, complex and strategic campaigns. This solution guides long-term customer loyalty campaigns that maximize retention through strategies optimized in real-time.

What can campaign management do?

  • Conduct actionable analysis of cross-channel marketing initiatives
  • Align your inbound marketing initiatives with enterprise-wise, multichannel marketing solutions
  • Implement customer-event triggering, next-best-action recommendation engines and campaign optimization
  • Determine complex trends and anomalies to customize messages

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Product Features:

  • Data mining
  • Customer segmentation
  • Customer-event triggering
  • Next-best-action
  • Recommendation engines
  • Campaign optimization
  • Self-learning features

What does this mean for your business?


Improve Relevancy and Accuracy

Ensure customers remain brand-loyal by providing them with relevant, customized and timely data-driven messages and offers.


Manage Customer Life Cycle Relationships

Predict customer behavior, automate responses and trigger based on customer actions. These features enable real-time decision-making that continuously improves the outcomes of our clients’ marketing initiatives.


Leverage Data in New Strategic Ways

Pursue leading-edge functions, such as digital marketing optimization, fraud detection and prevention and social network and relationship analysis.

Dialog Direct’s integrated CRM Map illustrates the workflow for the execution of campaign management.

With a sophisticated database, we store the preferences of your prospects and customers to trigger secondary message streams based on the type and disposition of the communication.

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