Dialog Direct Announces New Senior Vice President of Business Development

Dialog Direct Announces New Senior Vice President of Business Development

Highland Park, MI (February 22, 2017) — Dialog Direct, a customer engagement and marketing solutions provider, announced recent hiring of Jeff Farr as Senior Vice President of Business Development.

Jeff Farr will be leading development and sales activities within Dialog Direct’s Healthcare and Insurance verticals.  Farr has over 25 years of progressive experience in selling and managing business development; selling call center BPO, B2B sales, print and fulfillment solutions.  Farr has extensive experience in multichannel sales and service solutions for the Healthcare, Insurance, and Pharmaceutical industries.

“Jeff has strived to provide a consultative and outcome based approach in all of his client relationships.  His passion lies in being able to develop impactful solutions across the customer lifecycle – from analytics and segmentation to acquisition and support,” says Dave Drayton, Chief Sales Officer.   “Jeff views Dialog Direct as an established platform to execute an outcome-based model with outstanding people and an impressive client list.”

“I am extremely impressed with Dialog Direct’s ability to streamline and improve an organization’s acquisition model, as well as their member engagement experience, all while maintaining the highest quality standards.  Dialog Direct’s Healthcare solutions to help increase membership, loyalty and STAR ratings all while lowering cost per acquisition stood out as a differentiator.  I am enthusiastic to share this with the industry,” says Farr.

“Jeff’s deep background in outsourcing and a process centric approach to sales, will significantly impact Dialog Direct’s overriding mission to help our clients connect and engage with their customers by creating personalized and relevant dialogue throughout the entire customer journey,” says Doug Kearney, Chief Executive Officer.

Farr comes to Dialog Direct from Accenture where he created custom solutions for some of the largest health plans in the industry.  Prior to Accenture, he led sales and strategy for Alorica’s B2B customer acquisition business.  Farr has been directly involved in producing over $100M in revenue with many of today’s largest and most recognized brands.

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