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Predictive Routing Intelligence Increases Insurance Sales by 34%

Services: Data Analytics, Contact Center – Sales
Industry: B2C, Insurance

01 | Problem

With increasing pressure on insurance companies to close more sales at a lower cost per acquisition, Dialog Direct proposed to its automotive insurance client a more intelligent way to create a lift in sales.

02 | Solution

The Dialog Direct analytics group built an intelligent routing system to route the calls to the sales agents based on one or more of the above call attributes. This system also provides the ability to put calls into control and pilot groups (using an adjustable ratio set to 50/50) in order to support a fair and near real-time measure of the performance of the routing system.

The first phase of the test looks at the U.S. state associated with the caller ID of the consumer calling in to the workgroup. If the caller ID can be associated to a U.S. state and the call is in the pilot group, the call will be assigned a skill based on that state. The call is then placed on the workgroup seeking out the agent who has the highest matching skill.

03 | Results

The results to date show that the routing technique used in the pilot group had a 34% lift in sales.

This is a significant lift in sales and does not increase the cost of the sale at all.

34% SALES LIFT                      1 MONTH                            0% COST INCREASE


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