Predictive Model Improved Lead Generation Campaign Response by 200%, Age-In Campaign By 700%

Service: Consumer Direct Marketing
Industry: Insurance


  • Direct contact program designed to elicit enrollment in a health care plan
  • Reduce overall marketing spending while maintaining rate of enrollment

02 | Solution

  • Designed and implemented a Lead Generation and Age-in campaign strategy based on multiple touches and offers
  • Created a predictive model using demographic, income and home value data to identify prospects with the highest propensity to enroll
  • Incorporated more relevant, variable messaging throughout direct mail communications

03 | Results

  • Lead Generation campaign response improved 200%
  • Age-in campaign response improved 700%
  • Improved targeting eliminated low-probability prospects from mailing saving $600,000 in annual production and postage costs
  • Cost per lead and cost per enroll was dramatically reduced

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