Integrated eStore, Print Procurement Decreased Warehouse Cost by 60% for Leading Biotechnology Company

Services: Trade Fulfillment
Industry: Biotechnology

01 | Need

  • Fulfill Sales Rep orders for a leading Biotechnology company’s marketing collateral, manage PI printing, Bulk Rep distribution, rep-triggered letters and meetings/convention order fulfillment
  • Provide sales reps and brand teams a single-source fulfillment provider, gain better control of material production and inventory management

02 | Solution

  • Created an integrated eStore to serve both rep and brand team needs
    • Includes automated material allocation process and order restriction logic to tightly manage and control costs
  • Implemented Print Procurement and Management process to facilitate PI and journal reprints
  • Integrated rep-triggered letter print/mail process
  • Established order placement protocol to ensure efficient processing of meetings and convention orders

03 | Results

  • Increased rep efficiency
  • Improved inventory accuracy and utilization
  • 60% reduction in warehousing cost
  • Order accuracy and timeliness 99%


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