Home Security Company Increases Sales by 22% Through Data Analytics

Services:  Data Analytics, Marketing Services
Industry: Home Services


The world leader in electronic security solutions and home automation needed a means for providing targeted, qualified leads to it’s network of more than 3,000 field sales agents in support of more than 100 local markets in the U.S. and Canada. Marketing channels supported include: direct mail, outbound telemarketing and face-to-face agent sales.

The solution needed to be capable of executing sophisticated data screening and algorithms. It also needed the flexibility to adapt to changes in segmentation criteria, integration of data from new sources and frequent changes in client business rules.

Additional needs included:

  • Multichannel marketing data for:
    • Online lead distribution platform supporting field sales agents
    • Direct Mailing programs (DM)
    • Outbound Telemarketing (OTM)
  •  Analytics and results reporting
    • Model development
    • Attrition Curve Study
    • Results reporting
  • Records come in from numerous sources for each program and are processed to provide only the best leads
    • Removal of existing customers and existing sales appointments
    • Exclusion of previously provided leads
    • Apply customer and program-specific suppression

02 | Solution

Dialog Direct provides the client with more than 500,000 Residential and 40,000 Small Business leads per month in support of all lead generation efforts:

  • All qualifying leads are also used to support ongoing Direct Mail and Outbound Telemarketing initiatives
  • Lead volumes for any program can be dialed up or down as needed, including targeted volumes by region or district S
  • treamlined processing of marketing data reduces hand-offs and improves efficiency

Every day, Dialog Direct identifies new prospects using dozens of trigger data sources, applying sophisticated modeling and mining techniques and refining targeted communications to the most likely responders. Propensity modeling / targeting is a continuous process adapting to changes in the market and consumer behaviors. This is essential in promoting the right products to the right prospects via the appropriate marketing channel.

03 | Results

The performance of the program has been very successful, the flow is continually refined to further streamline the process and improve performance.

Demonstrated results include:

  • Proven incremental sales lift of approximately 22% per year
  • More than 6 million leads, letters, and calls annually
  • 100% sales agent participation

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