launching a social media customer service program

Going Above and Beyond to WOW

Services: Contact Center – Social Media
Industry: B2C, Retail

01 | Problem

A customer reached out to our client via Facebook to tell them how much he loves shopping at their store and how he was a huge fan of their tri-tip steaks and specialty wines. Also noting that the competition doesn’t even compare to what they offer. In the same post, he went on to ask if it was possible to buy some of their specialty wines in bulk for his daughter’s wedding. The problem? It is against store policy to sell their specialty wine in bulk, and if something goes on sale, the store has a purchase limit.

02 | Solution

Imagine this customer called into your customer service center or was working with a social media team full of script-reading representatives who were not empowered to provide a remarkable customer experience. Most likely, this customer would hear “I’m sorry Mr. it is against store policy to sell you more than 3 bottles of wine.”

An unfortunate missed opportunity to WOW. This situation played out a few years back, may not affect your brand like it would today. Today, however, this missed attempt at helping a customer would be all over social media, shared with hundreds, if not thousands of people, not to mention with all of the wedding guests.

Thankfully, this real life situation had a more remarkable outcome, thanks to the proactive nature of the Dialog Direct team. Recognizing a fantastic opportunity, the representative engaging with this conversation made an out of the box decision by collaborating with her teammates to bring a new solution to the client’s attention. With the client’s approval, our team moved forward to identify the store most frequented by the customer, made sure enough bottles were in stock and ready to go for pickup. The experience didn’t stop there. They also offered the customer 50% off her favorite tri-tip steaks to enjoy with the wine as well.

03 | Results

The customer was ecstatic! He couldn’t stop thanking us enough for helping make his daughter’s big day a special one…down to the wine being served at dinner. This gentleman is not only a huge fan of our client, but now he is a customer for life! Every single guest at that wedding is going to hear what the store did on social media to help make his daughter’s day extra special.

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