Ecommerce Site Creation and Management Resulted in an Increase in Sales by 48% and an Increase in Online Order Volume by 28%

Service: Trade and Consumer Fulfillment
Industry: Non-Profit


  • Design and implement both a B2B and B2C eStore for chapters, patients, and caregivers to order the client’s literature and merchandise in support of their research, to raise awareness and to support caregivers as well as those who suffer from the disease
  • Improve the overall effectiveness of the eStore by leveraging supplier expertise and knowledge in eCommerce, inventory management, and reporting

02 | Solution

  • Created and managed a new, robust eCommerce site with an improved user interface
  • Increased merchandise availability with improved inventory management
  • Implemented standard reporting, including trend analysis and dashboards

03 | Results

  • Increase in sales by 48%
  • Increased reporting and analytics
  • 28% increase in online order volume

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