Insurance Premiums Increased by More than $100 Million Through Predictive Analytics and Campaign Management Solutions

Services: Web to Print, Fulfillment, Data Analytics, ePortal, eCommerce
Industry: B2B, Insurance

01 | Problem

In the insurance industry, marketing the right product to the right people at the right time plays a major role in the odds of a successful sale. This prominent and innovative insurance client needed a tool to provide more than 10,000 agents nationwide with access to current viable leads that are best positioned for purchasing one of its policies. The portal needed the ability to facilitate marketing campaigns, generate customized collateral and premiums, and localize content from corporately sponsored marketing programs.

The current processes were disjointed, with a lack of central control over branding, messaging and the types of campaigns being run by independent agents. As a result, it had a limited ability to accurately capture ROI or determine the effectiveness of various regional marketing campaigns.

The combination of custom software and Dialog Direct’s enhancements allowed for:

  • A web portal accessible to sales agents 24/7, providing them with a streamlined process to place orders or initiate campaigns quickly and easily
  • Lists of pre-filtered available leads grouped by product, as well as the ability to upload or obtain new lists
  • Seamless workflow that walks the agents through the process from lead selection to campaign launch
  • Access to pre-approved, customizable templates, allowing the agent to personalize and regionalize corporate content

02 | Solution

Dialog Direct worked closely with the client to design the ideal solution: The Marketing Solutions Center (MSC).

Built on the backbone of Dialog Direct’s extensive database and analytics resources, the portal applies filters based on the agent’s profile at login, and serves up regional prospecting information from the master database. The agent’s home screen dashboard displays lead counts, current national promotions, spotlighted news or new information, and top links for agent reference.

Numerous options are available to the agents, including:

  • Information on growth and retention options, activities, programs and events
  • Marketing calendar for campaign planning and timing of corporate initiatives
  • Ability to order brochures and collateral
  • Prospecting and leads
  • Branding and advertising, including branded merchandise, posters and signs, and access to TV, radio, print and web ads
  • Access to instructional materials and reporting


Agents log in via single sign-on from the corporate portal to the MSC, and are presented with their lead dashboard and home page. The intuitive navigation allows them to choose what functions or resources they want to utilize, and access to some sections and administrative activities are restricted by user profile or role. Campaigns are created following a step-by-step flow, including list selection, template selection, customization, scheduling and submission. Agents electing to place an order or schedule a campaign receive a confirmation email upon submission, and further notifications when the campaign launches or the order ships (with tracking information).

03 | Results

The program exceeded client expectations in terms of agent adoption and participation, achieving 90% of targeted agent participation in the first year of bringing the site online. This level of engagement has resulted in more than four million pieces of mail issued since project launch, as well as more than $100 million in written premiums.

Direct access to the clients’ sales data also allows for Dialog Direct to further analyze and measure the sales performance of each campaign executed. And with planned access to response data, Dialog Direct will be able to determine areas to target for even more improvements to selection and marketing tactics, resulting in improved brand awareness, prospect engagement and ultimately product sales.

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