Dialog Direct Adds $30.1 Million in New Opportunities, Best Pipeline Growth in Company History

Services: Contact Center – Sales
Industry: B2B, Technology

01 | Problem

While driving its international and U.S. business presence, a case management solution provider was in search of consistent pipeline growth and a more efficient process to ensure its sales engineers remained focused on presenting and closing new sales opportunities. Previously, the company’s sales team focused a significant amount of its efforts cold-calling potential clients to generate leads, which often resulted in wasted time and energy. Although implementing a new sales and lead qualification process was the best option for the company, previous attempts at an in-house sales and lead initiative had not resulted in any substantial positive changes.

Because of this, it was critical for the company to work with a “true partner” dedicated to discovering real sales opportunities in support of its current and future business goals.

02 | Solution

The company initially evaluated five service providers before choosing to partner with Dialog Direct as a result of the company’s ability to drive pipeline growth, lead qualification and appointment scheduling services. Dialog Direct drives increased sales results for its customers by providing a force of highly skilled professionals that act as an extension of the company’s sales team. Through supporting inside sales, sales qualification, customer service, lead generation and social media customer service, Dialog Direct enables companies to grow their businesses while simultaneously reducing costs. Company executives cited Dialog Direct’s consistent track record for driving sales and seamlessly implementing its teams to work hand-in-hand with its clients as major factors in their decision to work with Dialog Direct. Dialog Direct’s call recording capabilities, transparent vendor relationships and knowledgeable sales professionals fully supported the company’s sales and lead generation needs.

After partnering with the company, Dialog Direct redesigned the company’s sales and lead qualification process to ensure both parties’ efforts resulted in success. With the ultimate goal of generating more valuable sales leads, Dialog Direct saw the opportunity to significantly impact the company’s success rate by using a vendor to perform the initial lead generation and appointment setting in the sales process.

By partnering with Dialog Direct, the company benefited from recordings of every customer interaction, both good and bad – a partnership that enabled them to be involved in the sales process as much or as little as desired – and Dialog Direct sales professionals who were consultative and creative when talking to customers, without using scripts.

03 | Results

Since partnering with Dialog Direct, the company has been able to meet and exceed multiple sales objectives, test new business verticals, educate customers on the latest industry solutions and complete RFPs in a timelier manner. The company credits Dialog Direct’s high level of transparency and knowledgeable call resources in allowing the company to significantly expand its sales capabilities and value among customers.

From a sales and lead generation perspective, the company experienced the highest level of pipeline growth in company history, reporting the addition of $10.3 million in new sales opportunities in Q2 2012 alone ($30.1M by Q3 2012). In addition to record-setting pipeline growth, the company met and exceeded their internal business goals for three consecutive quarters by 110 percent, 114 percent and 145 percent respectively.

Based on the initial success of the company’s work with Dialog Direct, the company intends to continue its partnership as they work to further expand their current telesales initiatives. With plans to grow their national and international presence in the near future, the company is confident in Dialog Direct’s knowledgeable and professional staff and fully expects to continue experiencing the same high level of success Dialog Direct has already enabled them to achieve.

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