telemarketing call center increase sales

Domestic Telemarketing Call Centers Increase Sales

Summary: Telemarketing Call Centers have come a long way. Here are four ways to use it to drive revenue.

In today’s day and age of word-of-mouth marketing and viral advertising, social media seems to be all the rage. And you may find yourself wondering if your traditional telemarketing initiatives are still relevant. Ok, so admittedly the image of a telemarketing call center is not be as sexy as diving into a Facebook page, having a Twitter presence, or posting on a blog, but it’s still a critical tactic in moving the needle in your business.

It’s just as personal, yet it’s much more targeted and relevant. Here are a few reasons a telemarketing call center should be considered in your sales mix when you’re looking to build brand awareness, drive revenue for your product or service, promote a special offer, and increase customer satisfaction.

1. Build Brand Awareness:

Telemarketing is interactive, a personal conversation between Dialog Direct and a prospective customer. You have a potential customer’s captive attention, which is an interpersonal opportunity to position your product directly and gauge customer sentiment/feedback.

2. Drive Revenue:

While you’re capturing the opportunity of this one-to-one interaction, it’s a customized way to drive sales and revenue that’s unique to each individual. A telemarketing call center can find ways to upsell and cross sell against your current database. Use data that you already have to keep the momentum alive with customers who are already a fan of your product or service.

3. Promote a Special Offer:

Promotions are a proven tactic – think of it as a reason to call with good news!  Special offers and promotional discounts are ways to get new customers in the door. Consider using a telemarketing call center to feature a new product or offer a discount for bulk or advanced purchases. Promotions and discounts are often the catalysts to consumer trial.

4. Increase Customer Satisfaction:

A telemarketing call center can be used to follow up with customers after the transaction to get feedback on your product or service. This is a win/win situation, because you not only get crucial input on your products, but the customer feels like you really care about their satisfaction, and is likely to give you a more positive rating just for caring. See a related blog post on handling customer complaints.

Can you still look at social media as a viable way to drive business? Of course. But be sure that you’re not losing sight of that one to one interaction between you and your consumers to come up with targeted and highly personalized solutions.

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