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B2B Appointment Setters are the Hosts of a Great Party

Summary: Work the room with a B2B appointment setter

We talked in an earlier piece about using call centers or an inside sales team as part of a lead generation plan. We have received questions from some early clients who say, “Why would I use a B2B appointment setter when no one knows our product better than we do?”

It’s a valid question. And we don’t pretend to know your business better than you do. However, if you try to picture a B2B appointment setter as a savvy party host, you may start to see the sales process differently. We’ve said that a great party host or business networking individual invites a group of like-minded people with like-minded values to a gathering, makes some introductions, and lets two strangers find out whether they’re a long-term fit.

At a business cocktail party, the whole point is to network. Consider the B2B appointment setter your host to connect two people who should be doing business together. The rest is up to you.

So now you know our role. What about our process? What makes us qualified to conduct these calls on your behalf?

1. We find the decision maker

You have to know who’s in charge of making business decisions. Relying on the receptionist to forward your call to the right person doesn’t cut it. Can you imagine (again, at that rockin’ party) asking the valet guy where you can find the hors d’oeuvres? He’ll probably guess, which is a waste of your time if he isn’t right. Our skills in finding the right person at the right company eliminates any guesswork, so the time you spend in your sales pitch is highly targeted.

2. We take a solution-oriented process

You’ve heard of the “consultative approach.” Because it works. Keeping in the cocktail party vein, a savvy host will connect two people who may be able to help each other. Think of Savvy Host saying something like, “Bill, meet John. John’s company just acquired ABC and he mentioned they are looking for new marketing materials. John, I may have told you about Bill before…he owns a printing company right here in Michigan.” Now the two have common ground, Savvy Host has made the connection, and the rest is up to them.

3. We speak a seller’s language

When it comes to lead generation, our B2B appointment setters speak the language of selling. We leverage years of experience in sales management and prospecting. We know how to craft your message to get past any early barriers, turning potential leads into qualified prospects. 

Ready to work the room? Talk to us today about appointment setting and take the guesswork out of prospecting.


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