10 Stats You Need to Know About Customer Rage!

Customers aren’t just frustrated, they are ENRAGED! In fact, 66% of people with a brand problem have experienced rage. How does Rage affect your business? What do customers expect to benefit from complaining, versus what they believe companies actually provide?  The 10 Customer Rage Study* stats below may surprise you.

  1. More than 202 billion dollars were at risk to businesses as a result of problems with products/services in 2015.  (Tweet This!)
  2. It takes an average of 4.2 contacts to satisfy a complainant. (Tweet This!)
  3. Only 35% of complainants are satisfied on the first contact, while only 14% actually had their problems resolved on first contact. (Tweet This!)
  4. 48% of complainants that become satisfied will still recommend your brand. (Tweet This!)
  5. When applying both non-monetary and monetary remedies, complainant satisfaction almost doubled from 37% to 73%. (Tweet This!)
  6. What is the number 1 most annoying customer service catchphrase? “Your call is important to us, please continue to hold.” (Tweet This!)
  7. The top channel for complaining is still the telephone. (Tweet This!)
  8. The percentage of complainants who felt they got NOTHING as a result of complaining increased from 56% in 2013 to 63% in 2015. (Tweet This!)
  9. 24% of complainants want revenge! (Tweet This!)
  10. The most frequently cited damage resulting from customer problems in 2015 was lost time (60%). (Tweet This!)

Want the full study? Request your complete copy of the Customer Rage Study here.

*The Customer Rage study is an independent study conducted by Dialog Direct, in partnership with CCMC and Arizona State University, in which phone interviews were conducted to 1,000 households. The study is based on one originally conducted by the White House in 1976, offering a clear comparison of customer satisfaction over the years.


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