Control costs and ensure compliance with a versatile Dependent Eligibility Verification program.

Dependent Eligibility Verification


With rising healthcare costs, the enactment of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, and vigilance in fiduciary responsibility, companies are looking to Dependent Eligibility Verification programs as a way to control costs and ensure compliance.

At Dialog Direct, we know that no two organizations or health plan contracts are exactly the same. Our scalable and versatile Dependent Eligibility Verification services provide consistent and measurable results across all industries and employee demographics. Our approach is well-suited to properly balance flexibility without compromising key elements of maintaining process control and system integrity.

Dependent Eligibility Verification solutions:

  • Dependent Eligibility Verification
  • Ineligible dependent coverage
  • Healthcare cost containment
  • Effectively support both public and private organizations of nearly any size with requirements at virtually any level of complexity

Our verification process – a multi-phased approach

Dialog Direct has developed and manages the multi-phase Dependent Eligibility Verification process using a proprietary platform. This process assesses the eligibility of dependents listed by employees in order to continue to receive healthcare and other employer-funded benefits.

You’ll enjoy benefits that include:

  • Cost savings
  • Identification of ineligible dependents
  • Improved employee experience



Dialog Direct Delivers:

  • Comprehensive, evidence-based verification process
  • 24/7 real-time client dashboard and employee web portal
  • Ability to control and manage every critical aspect of each dependent eligibility initiative in-house
  • Adherence to tight security protocols to ensure the privacy of employees and dependents is protected

We get results

  • Saved clients more than $1 billion in first-year savings
  • Evaluated the eligibility of more than 5 million dependents
  • Identified more than 650,000 ineligible dependents
  • Awarded contracts to conduct the largest private sector and public sector verifications in history
  • Contracted with more than 45 Fortune 500 clients and organized labor groups to conduct Dependent Eligibility Verification

What people are saying about Dialog Direct

Once Dialog Direct visited us, it became apparent that no one else could be hired. They told us a lot of things we did not believe at the time that proved true later. What was readily apparent was their experience and expertise. They showed real teamwork and featured experts who were credible.

– Benefits Manager, Major Express Shipping Company